Apex Legends Season 7 - Battle Pass Trailer

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Apex Legends

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Grab the Battle Pass and complete challenges to unlock Legendary items like High Class Wraith, Fast Fashion Octane, and the Cutting Edge Reactive R99. x.ea.com/65921
Apex Legends Season 7 - Ascension brings a new Battle Pass brimming with high-class rewards.
Immediately unlock the Legendary Prowler Polished Perfection when you pick up the Battle Pass, along with three new Legend skins! Then fight your way through Daily and Weekly Challenges to earn unique rewards like new Holo-Sprays, Apex Packs, XP Boosts, skins, Music Packs, Loading Screens, Skydive Emotes, Quips and more! Grab the bundle to instantly unlock the first 25 levels. Ready to rise to new heights?
Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PS4, and on PC via Origin or Steam.
Learn more about Apex Legends Season 7 - Ascension: x.ea.com/64060

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WolfOfMen Napja
Please buff crypto to have a passive where his drone can fly along side him. Make the highlighting, that the drone is able to do, more narrow sighted in this mode so it's not to overpowered but make it to where you don't have to throw his drone all the time.
An Elite Gamer
An Elite Gamer Napja
OwO octane
ExhoDev 2 napja
octane went like WOOOO-
Omxga Awesome
Omxga Awesome 2 napja
POV: you got this recommended to you in Season 9
Large Octahedron
Large Octahedron 3 napja
I’m really mad that this is the only battle pass that I didn’t finish. These skins were sick.
Franklyn Chacha
Franklyn Chacha 3 napja
I will never forgive myself for not buying this battle pass
Purge Trooper 51
Purge Trooper 51 8 napja
High Class Wraith is like Loba invited her over to her house and gave her a high society makeover
Erika Molina
Erika Molina Napja
:> k
Jafar Murtaja
Jafar Murtaja 3 napja
Fly 8 napja
Octane ground emote spotted at the end.
grievous one kenobi
grievous one kenobi 12 napja
Who wants trident skins
君のような活きのいい牡蠣はフライだよ 12 napja
なんでホライゾン セレクトファイアハボック使ってんの笑笑
Brian Ott
Brian Ott 14 napja
00:22 why was there a selectfire on havoc lol
Fadi Simon
Fadi Simon 24 napja
I am so sad i missed the octane skin i was 4 tiers away to getting it😭😭😭😭
L H Hónapja
Im a switch player who just joined in on season 8, what the hell happened here?
sudha bhatt
sudha bhatt 26 napja
Nothing. This is season 7
Nobody: Octane: >w
Traig jr's master channel
Traig jr's master channel Hónapja
Does it give you characters
Mr. House
Mr. House 15 napja
No just character skins.
Rodszy Slays
Rodszy Slays Hónapja
Manny Heffley
Manny Heffley Hónapja
The battle pass system is ok idc
kingblue 911
kingblue 911 Hónapja
I wish I played in season 7and 6 but my account was locked down for some reason
Nicholas Plewnia
Nicholas Plewnia 2 hónapja
bruh, I bought the battle-pass and got it maxed out but still didn't get that horizon skin nor half of the holo sprays
JasenJohn 2 hónapja
And if you look closely at the new holosprays, they tease legendary skins to an event that came in Season 8, launching real soon in fact
mozambique YAA
mozambique YAA 2 hónapja
José Mendes
José Mendes 2 hónapja
Octane Lie
Round Potato
Round Potato 2 hónapja
Wow this was only 3 months ago
Hilda Anelita
Hilda Anelita 2 hónapja
I love lifeline
Jaum 2 hónapja
0:34 O
klapusz kopniak
klapusz kopniak 2 hónapja
Theres no first tier SKINS. Change it
Anirudh Anant_2125
Anirudh Anant_2125 2 hónapja
Wraith n horizon :)
りゅう 2 hónapja
Prime 3k
Prime 3k 2 hónapja
Here in the future people who complained can you delete your comment
jamalthelord 123
jamalthelord 123 3 hónapja
0:23 no ones gonna talk about how she use select fire on the havoc with out the hop up in the game🤔🤔
Arthur Lai
Arthur Lai 3 hónapja
0:18 Did anyone notice that her havoc has select fire?
The WizWards
The WizWards 3 hónapja
DID THE PROWLER HAVE 40 BULLETS Just noticed that now
XMSG17X 2 hónapja
Wow that is so weird
Dababy_let’s go
Dababy_let’s go 3 hónapja
I know right sad they didn’t do that
Brian Zepeda
Brian Zepeda 3 hónapja
damn i forgot how they fuckeed up the battle pass lol
the spaghetto production
the spaghetto production 3 hónapja
Whait, that attachment at the beginning on the havoc, it doesn't exist anymore right?
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment 3 hónapja
It’s the select fire hop up
Aiken Chung
Aiken Chung 3 hónapja
Димитър Германов
Димитър Германов 3 hónapja
Funny how the havoc has select fire but in the game the select fire is gone
FunkyMonkeyCrew 3 hónapja
Is it just me or does octane’s skin looks like yoru from valorant
Zagi Productions
Zagi Productions 3 hónapja
it's just you
GRUBB 3 hónapja
it would be cool if they would add custom gliding trails into the battle pass.
Hubert Nachwatiuk
Hubert Nachwatiuk 3 hónapja
Apex love you
Jen Schneider
Jen Schneider 3 hónapja
Why does everyone hate the new battle pass system I’m at battle pass level 101 and I’m free to play
Joaquin Bigtas
Joaquin Bigtas 3 hónapja
When season 7 drop day one they changed the battle pass level before season 6 you can level up easily in day one season 7 you cant even level up per day forcing you to buy battle pass levels but after the backlash respawn recieved they changed it again and give players 10 battle pass level for free
Trey Mitchell
Trey Mitchell 3 hónapja
I Finished it
なも 3 hónapja
Vatroh 3 hónapja
fix foot step audio or we riot
Ash Ketcham
Ash Ketcham 3 hónapja
The first 30 seconds shows literally both select a fire modes XD
Ash Ketcham
Ash Ketcham 3 hónapja
For both guns*
Søme_Dud3 3 hónapja
Yeah I can barely find the prowler in a game. Dumb smg meta.
Complex Frost
Complex Frost 3 hónapja
Hemlock Flatline R301 Wing-Man Prowler R-99 (twice) Longbow Sentinel Havoc Spitfire G-17 All have been in the battle pass so far. Let’s for other weapons to join in this list as-well.
KingEpicGG 4 hónapja
The octane are wraith skins are just like Olympus CLEAN AF
Amy B
Amy B 4 hónapja
Plz change the BP system
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton 4 hónapja
* I barley noticed that the horizon skin was changed from the battle pass, the one in this vid though looks better than the one we have rn.
xnofi 4 hónapja
Everyone: Making wallet memes *The battle pass is only for $10*
4 hónapja
Not me getting this on my *recommend*
gabriella 4 hónapja
0:32 how come this isnt an octane kill quip? I would defo buy it if it was.
Jeffrey Luker
Jeffrey Luker 4 hónapja
To be honest I like the star system
Santiago Fajardo Ramos
Santiago Fajardo Ramos 4 hónapja
Listo caballeros vine a reportar que ya tengo desde el cuarto pase comprado completos excepto por el cuarto que lo no alcanze hasta el 100 solamente pero el resto que existen hasta la fecha estan completos veremos que sigue para la proxima season owo
Dead Face
Dead Face 4 hónapja
This winter season 7 reminds me of Fortnite season 7.
Puianos 69
Puianos 69 4 hónapja
Nerf Gibby
JakE ObenheiN
JakE ObenheiN 4 hónapja
To be honest, this game just doesn’t reward players enough for the time they put in. We need more, like 1,300 coins (including free, like 300 free coins), and more legendary items. I also never seem to like the battle pass skins anyways because of the attention to detail. We could also use some love for the new legend, like unlocking automatically at purchase as well as a premium legendary at Level 100. The usual skins can still be included, but make sure to get the new legend as well. I’d say a legendary weapon at L1 as usual, a legend at 25, a weapon at 50, a legend at 75, the new legend at 100 (unlocking at level 1), and the usual reactive skins at 100 and 110. The next reactive should be a Devotion tbh
Feaver Peperonincho
Feaver Peperonincho 4 hónapja
0:24 Can anyone tell me how to single shot with havoc ?? It must’ve been deleted. Isn’t it?
Nicholas Ma
Nicholas Ma 4 hónapja
Oh My God I gonna buy this gamepasses after i level 110 gamepasses
Maxb0tbeep 4 hónapja
_yes take my money, ea_
Kuben blisk
Kuben blisk 4 hónapja
EA: 👁👄👁
RIDO SUSEPTO 4 hónapja
Rilis to android way????
Ezra Gaston
Ezra Gaston 4 hónapja
The DAY APEX LEGENDS BECOMES mobile I will never ever leave my room
Lil Bebe
Lil Bebe 4 hónapja
I ca not believe that I at last found a web app that is legit. Received so many free coins, gold, gems, diamons, etc. from Gamecrook.
Daddy Diesel
Daddy Diesel 4 hónapja
Petition to bring back the trophy hunter caustic skin
Adriana Roman
Adriana Roman 4 hónapja
Gabriel López
Gabriel López 4 hónapja
The new way The battle pass and ur account level make u level up sucks first the stars are dookie and second of all it SO hard to level up ur account level like if I get a win I level up like 3%
Gabriel López
Gabriel López 4 hónapja
And the map is so trash
Gabriel López
Gabriel López 4 hónapja
Bruh I hate this season it’s SO hard to level up like...I had a 15 kill game and did not even level up and every single time someone shoots me and I have full shield and health but the enemy I come across has no shield and I have to sweat me ass off because of every time I shoot them it’s like they have infinite health i once hit someone for about 234 and they still weren’t dead and they had no shield it’s like u guys hate me...but some how my enemy killed me with out stressing I had freakin had full heath and purple evo and that happens all the fucking time I used to see this game so fun and the best but now I see as a absolute crap I don’t understand this game anymore
CheeseThicc 4 hónapja
Boo hoo stop complaining the game. If you want to level up do the weekly and daily quest and it is called Adapting the new normal. furthermore, try increasing your FOV this can help sometimes..
Jesus Perez
Jesus Perez 4 hónapja
El Mejor: Apex Legends 🎮🕹Like sí sigues Jugando Apex Legends?
Ezz Qafisheh
Ezz Qafisheh 4 hónapja
I have a video clip on my hanel
Ezz Qafisheh
Ezz Qafisheh 4 hónapja
Hay respan I found a glath it’s op
Jordan 4 hónapja
They should add more legends to the battle pass and unstead making a tier 100 weapon warp make it a skin to for a legend
Erni Nurohmah
Erni Nurohmah 4 hónapja
Apex legends mobile plissss in android
Hogwarts_Ninja 5 hónapja
I love running simulators but this game is pathetic
dave sugrim
dave sugrim 5 hónapja
Respawn please fix invalid token
angel 5 hónapja
0:23 the fire selector is not in the game anymore
Austin McGinnis
Austin McGinnis 5 hónapja
Add squads NOW
Haider Siddiqui
Haider Siddiqui 5 hónapja
Boycott the battle pass if they don't fix it next season. Trust me guys, they will change it.
kingravenYT 5 hónapja
EA stay cation channel got hacked
NYKU 5 hónapja
Why does Banga never get any skins or emotes?
Dark Rider
Dark Rider 5 hónapja
When are we getting a free battle pass
CheeseThicc 4 hónapja
Since Season 1
coolcube artic
coolcube artic 5 hónapja
Apex makes tier 1 gun weapon prowler...also apex Puts prowler in care package.
Emin ÇELİK 5 hónapja
i ve lobby problem since season 4. Every every every game...when i play with my friends, we died. But in lobby i m not ready. i left lobby and my friends invite me. Thats enough for me. You do good game. But you cant do lobby. So i hate this game.
The Retarded Pigeon
The Retarded Pigeon 5 hónapja
Honestly forgot this game existed until HUpost gave me an ad about
Slurpman12 8
Slurpman12 8 5 hónapja
M1K5 5 hónapja
0:22 why havoc use charge fire?
Jitterdoomer 5 hónapja
We need to fix the Battle Pass!
Mike Paris
Mike Paris 5 hónapja
Can you please create "solo" matchmaking again!! Please, I am consistently getting to platinum and due to the players on the game, (mostly not using their mics, or do not wish to play as a team) I get stuck. I am not a pro player, I work and go to university, so I do not have to the time to play and play hoping to build a team.
Awasum Taboh
Awasum Taboh 5 hónapja
bring back pk plzzzzzzzzz
Alex Ram
Alex Ram 5 hónapja
Who here is sad that the peace keeper is still gone and In the care package still ):
Alex 007
Alex 007 5 hónapja
The saga continues. Merci pour c' est deux grosses années. Le sound design, l' architecture, le maniement des armes en showroom. Chaque partie est unique. C' est comme si ça venait chercher ma combativité la plus vorace pour finir a main nue. Le pied! 42 ans. Juste d' entendre les différents son des armes qui ce chevauche dans une échauffouré. C' est hilarant, exaltant, stimulant. Et que dire de pouvoir fabriquer des pièces à la volée. C' est cool. Ca me donne l' impression de pouvoir jouer a la vitess e de l' imagination. Avec ( depuis ma première partie) toujours une idée en tête chercher à faire mieux.
Alex 007
Alex 007 5 hónapja
Encore une autre année de créativité svp. Lâchez pas! Vous faites parties de nos vies par votre créativité et création.
ツTurtle 5 hónapja
JAY ON MSG 5 hónapja
what the fuck i cant stop geting into a fucking lifeline mane with the 4k badg this game dead fuck this bro
Lautaro - Aurora
Lautaro - Aurora 5 hónapja
El emparejado sigue un poco desequilibrado........las primeras partidas te van a hacer más permisivos.....pero después de 5-11 partidas da igual tus kills etc. Qué te van a emparejar con gente más habilidosa.
Almighty JT
Almighty JT 5 hónapja
I thought the wraith naruto run was gone but look at wraith at 0:20
I suggest to respawn to give a few apex coins on the free battle pass at certain level so that the people that couldn't afford the battle pass can save their free apex coins to buy the battle pass for the next season just like fortnite. It could be possible if EA agrees to slow down their greedy personality a bit.
Shan Gupta
Shan Gupta 5 hónapja
I like how they know everyone thirst now a days so they made wraith thirst the knocked enemy
Luigea 5 hónapja
Season 6... Loba:wraith i think i should dress you up cuz yikes your clothes Wraith:NOOOO 1 Season later... Loba:Nice you look beautiful now, looks like a model Wraith:
R.Tobias Tupapi
R.Tobias Tupapi 5 hónapja
Arreglen los servidorees
Random kid Man
Random kid Man 5 hónapja
This season is ass
Amusing-note Yt
Amusing-note Yt 5 hónapja
They should’ve brought the pk back
Amusing-note Yt
Amusing-note Yt 5 hónapja
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