Apex Legends Season 8 - Mayhem Launch Trailer

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Apex Legends

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Bring the boom in Apex Legends Season 8 with new Legend Fuse. x.ea.com/67416

When Salvo joined the Mercenary Syndicate, Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy got his chance to join the Apex Games. Not everyone on his home planet was happy about it. Fuse thought he’d left his feud with Maggie behind him, but she wouldn’t let go so easily. When his big entrance didn’t go as planned, would he still be able to stick the landing?

Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Origin and Steam. Learn more about Apex Legends Season 8 - Mayhem coming February 2: x.ea.com/67416

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CyberVirtual 12 órája
This Anime has the Best Seasons I hope they don't just give us a bunch of Filler Arcs.
Bird Bird
Bird Bird 18 órája
Me gusta
WolfOfMen 23 órája
Please buff crypto to have a passive where his drone can fly along side him. Make the highlighting, that the drone is able to do, more narrow sighted in this mode so it's not to overpowered but make it to where you don't have to throw his drone all the time.
yakovben Napja
K Lalnuntluanga
K Lalnuntluanga Napja
George Henderson
George Henderson 2 napja
Puberty be like: Boys: 2:07 Girls: 2:12
Ollie Stillman
Ollie Stillman 2 napja
Antonia Gryaznovia
Antonia Gryaznovia 2 napja
fusie nearly said the f word
Mr.philadeck 3 napja
Rip season 8
G.U.N 3 napja
looks like wally boy wants a piece of that thicc gassy scientist
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia 3 napja
Guys they are not a freaking girl or boy they’re NON binary like they said we shouldn’t keep saying he’s a boy or no there a girl just leave at non binary or if you want to get a better look look at bloodhounds backstory cinematic!
Russell Cloa
Russell Cloa 3 napja
Surely there must have been casualties right
Miguel Ibarra
Miguel Ibarra 3 napja
1:38 NukeTown in every COD
Xero 4 napja
This trailer is in inaccurate af, sheila is not that quiet😂
Balakrishnan Vinayagar
Balakrishnan Vinayagar 5 napja
For some reason I feel like Fuze sounds like Lazarbeam
DR gl1tch
DR gl1tch 5 napja
Luckily nobody was hurt
クロノジル 5 napja
Phil_Eggbat 6 napja
Kenny from the walking dead.
Beeg Asian
Beeg Asian 6 napja
0:45 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Cheyenne Davis
Cheyenne Davis 6 napja
engineer playing guitar by a campfire... feel like we've seen this one before
gerasimos andrea
gerasimos andrea 7 napja
Seson 10:apex legends whith fortnite batle royal
One Fizzy Cherry
One Fizzy Cherry 9 napja
One Fizzy Cherry
One Fizzy Cherry 9 napja
Nolan Santelli
Nolan Santelli 9 napja
I skipped this trailer but I like this cinematic
Kylie Mckillup
Kylie Mckillup 9 napja
Bloodhound is not having it lol
Parker Beck
Parker Beck 10 napja
How cool would it have been to get David Lee Roth to sing in the outro
Fraser Tv
Fraser Tv 10 napja
I love his go getter attitude when thousands of people have just died
Lam Ta
Lam Ta 10 napja
2:03 you can see that MRVN is looking for his left arm while everyone is hunting for Mayhem left arm
JustinRay 2711
JustinRay 2711 10 napja
Hectordaniel Cadima
Hectordaniel Cadima 10 napja
I like Turtles
I like Turtles 10 napja
The comment: haha blood hound isn’t having it! The reply’s: “lol he a guy” “guys they are non binar-“ “BLOOD HOUND IS A GIRRL!” “NO HES A BOY”
xMrNoUx 10 napja
LordRydag 11 napja
I'm disappointed Gibby didn't use his dome, kinda a wasted opportunity.
Hudson Sanderson
Hudson Sanderson 11 napja
the fact that this fella saved a MRVN is a sign hes a good guy
F0X 11 napja
They didn’t really bring out the Australien in Fuse in the german synchro.
Strongclaw 11 napja
huh, it's always the Aussies that seem....explosive....can't argue tho
Pasquale Polcaro
Pasquale Polcaro 11 napja
"Oww fu-MAGGIE!"
Christian Galesias
Christian Galesias 12 napja
Aussie accent is so attractive
たいまくらチャンネル[ゆっくり実況者] 12 napja
アッキー 13 napja
Syamil Zafran
Syamil Zafran 13 napja
That intro looks like the meet the engineer
Ri Lu
Ri Lu 13 napja
Emilio Osorio
Emilio Osorio 13 napja
This man could make the half time shows at the super bowl make it look like a kids party.
Gonk 13 napja
I just love the way bloodhound draws their gun almost instantly while caustic just sorta accepts it
Shirole 13 napja
Place your shield Gibraltar!!!!!!!
Korb Borb The Not Lemon
Korb Borb The Not Lemon 13 napja
Kings Canyon: none of this stuff ever happens to olympus!
Egress 14 napja
1:53 makes fuse look so smart he sees no fall damage before his first match
Jorden Cummings
Jorden Cummings 15 napja
*fuse slapping* caustic:umm Bloodhound:do you wanna die?
Adventure Kid
Adventure Kid 15 napja
What gun is in Bangalore hand?
Darkboi 14 napja
Adventure Kid a havoc
Tyson Tate
Tyson Tate 15 napja
Funniest part of the trailer 2:11
Amil 16 napja
Basically fuse is lazarbeam in apex with his love för destruction and grenades and yeets
BaCkOffMyFood! 16 napja
The fact that they just shrugged off all the thousands of ded citizens from the explosion like is the child lifeline holding still alive?
BlaZzen blaze
BlaZzen blaze 16 napja
lifeline was throwing she could've spammed her shield on everyone who was dying
3d dude
3d dude 16 napja
anyone notice how fuses ship at the end looks like the pillar of autum form halo?
Cristian Padilla
Cristian Padilla 16 napja
It lazarbeam the Aussie
logan morgan
logan morgan 17 napja
where is wraith when you need her ...
Jose Carrillo
Jose Carrillo 17 napja
i didn’t watch through on the switch i have ps4 but now ima play on the switch when i get home from work... Apex on the switch is probably one of the best games.🤟🏼🔥
Triultra 18 napja
Fuse carried a MRVN to safety when the ship was falling apart so he’s straight up S tier
Tofu 18 napja
TheGamingGen 15 napja
Arata 19 napja
Hİ Friends we are new in youtube and making gaming content and our first video is from apex with a song we make for it in intro we will be really greatful if you can check it it wont take your time hope you have an amazing day
BabyYoshi TV
BabyYoshi TV 19 napja
Apex is so dead fuck skillbase matchmaking
KetchupZ Gaming
KetchupZ Gaming 13 napja
"So dead" yea, but always in our heart (not babyyoshi)
BabyYoshi TV
BabyYoshi TV 16 napja
@Xhrome_ Hearts14 my k/d is 1.70 and in rank 4.0 and I'm diamond so what do you want?
Xhrome_ Hearts14
Xhrome_ Hearts14 16 napja
Nah you just bad at the game you K/D probably 0.02
Liam Brownlie
Liam Brownlie 19 napja
Fuse: time to bring the- Bloodhound: *I Dare you*
Tom Smith
Tom Smith 19 napja
Borderlands that you 🤣🤣🤣🤣
BPK Phoen1x
BPK Phoen1x 19 napja
*Directed by Michael Bay*
Heros Diaz
Heros Diaz 20 napja
Fuse: *Plays guitar* My dumbass: *expecting a once upon a time-esque intro* Fuse: Yeah no that entrance maybe got a bit outta hand, eh? Me: @_@
SimbaUnchaind93 20 napja
Apex, let lobas shop grab team mate banners
Daniel Gaviria Rodriguez
Daniel Gaviria Rodriguez 20 napja
Someone please help me find the name of the song from 1:52 to 1:58
ㄩㄇ鬱貓 23 napja
Tristan Crowe
Tristan Crowe 23 napja
did anyone else notice the mrvn finding his arm in the background near the end
yashwin mewal
yashwin mewal 23 napja
Ahh I didn’t nice touch
lost_spirit _
lost_spirit _ 23 napja
Its such a good trailer
Sidor Vasile
Sidor Vasile 24 napja
The only question I have is why Gibraltar didn't put his shield down to save the people
Snooter 24 napja
Bloodhound has a glockie for Fusie
Nathan Abner
Nathan Abner 25 napja
season 8 damn people still play this trash game with its sound and lag and hackers galore. this game had potential and they just let it go to waste game stopped being good season 3 anyone still playing is either bored or desperate to try and kick there some stream 🤣
arthur borgert
arthur borgert 22 napja
ok bro here's some attention to u, seems like u never had any
Fire Feam
Fire Feam 25 napja
I love how Fuse trys to make a good impression on everyone and Maggie ruins it.
Octrain 25 napja
I love how mirage is in EVERY TRAILER
Nick with two c's
Nick with two c's 25 napja
I was expecting caustic to blow up
Nintendo Gamer
Nintendo Gamer 25 napja
I think it would have been really cool if the map actually looked like this for a few weeks and it slowly turned normal as the dust settled or whatever.
русская кошка
русская кошка 25 napja
Caustic when fuse slaps his ass: 😳 Ayo you good bro? 😳 Bloothhondur: get less than a foot near my ass and I will slaughtra and donate your body to the allfather
shachar movies
shachar movies 25 napja
So coollllll this season look awesome
BLOODJUAN 23 26 napja
xXultimate309 26 napja
2:17 what a cool way to end a trailer. Good job ea
Theo Seabert
Theo Seabert 27 napja
I like how I'm the mrvn and fuse is my freunds carrying me
Maksims Railgun
Maksims Railgun 28 napja
Bad game, just uninstalled it today, only cuz it doesn't have single, always i have to go with teammates that are bots
BEASTMAN 28 napja
APEX DEVS Audio - let’s not fix this Server issues and lag - let’s not fix this Gameplay and loot system - let’s not fix this Charge 7 dollars a pack and 18 dollars a skin 3rd event in less than 3 months - let’s do it
Silvana Pontes
Silvana Pontes 29 napja
Eu tenho uma sugestão que tal colocar um cara com um raio na cara que tem poderes de ver através das paredes e que o poder supremo seja aparecer um corvo pra dar dano nos inimigos 🦅por favor podem fazer esse personagem por favor na seson 8 que tenha um topete que nem o do fuse e que a roupa seja preto e amarelo e a erança seja duas catanas por favor mais eu já quero ter a erança e o personagem meu nome é (kle)thordotrovão0
callme Jay
callme Jay 29 napja
This looks like a borderlands trailer
2019 Ford F-150 Raptor
2019 Ford F-150 Raptor 29 napja
whats the ending song
Sheriff Woody
Sheriff Woody 29 napja
yo if he loses another arm that's another grenade in our inventory
Polopolo123hi Hónapja
Let's all agree this was the worst season in apex legends Bad legend Legends are nerfed too badly Bad events Bad town takeover And the worst .... no worlds edge
sudha bhatt
sudha bhatt 29 napja
@Polopolo123hi Plenty of people go to his town takeover. It is one of my personal fav town takeovers. Path getting low profile removed was a good thing. Worlds edge not being there is understandable. It is my fav map too. But that doesn't mean season is bad. A seasons I judged for its content, whether it has bugs, it's meta, and it's map changes in apex. Content has been there. The locked and loaded was one of the best gamemmodes we have ever had. Majority of the apex community agrees. However for the 2nd event I agree. Was pretty mediocre. But the 2nd event had some of the best changes apex ever had. Also one more event is left,ie war games. That makes 3 events in one season. So no this season is not the worst in any way shape or form imo. The worst season imo are season1, 4 and 5.
sudha bhatt
sudha bhatt 29 napja
@Polopolo123hi yes I know. So just because of a nerf the season is bad?? That doesn't make sense but ok.
Polopolo123hi 29 napja
It was 6-12 damage to his gas and now its only 5 And pathfinder had low profile removed
Polopolo123hi 29 napja
@sudha bhatt and worlds edge is my favourite map
Polopolo123hi 29 napja
@sudha bhatt and no one goes to his place
Emmanuel Cooper
Emmanuel Cooper Hónapja
I got one problem with this game caustic since caustic use gas why does it affect pathfinder and revenant everytime i go into caustic gas revenant and pathfinder are coughing like robot can’t smell wtf that should be his weakness caustic gas can affect everyone but not robot but I guess robot can smell gas huh weird
Hunter Wallasus
Hunter Wallasus 24 napja
The gas is corrosive, meaning it melts people over time. If you breath it in, it begins to melt you from the inside out. So it can definitely work on inanimate objects, and eventually either melt them, or melt deep enough to make them unable to function.
ROGACZ 5 Hónapja
Toim to bring the fun eh? S L A P
Saber 440
Saber 440 Hónapja
Ok respawn now where's jack Cooper now
Liam Mccabe
Liam Mccabe 29 napja
@Saber 440 oh yeah he would be cool When he will be like 60 years old
Saber 440
Saber 440 Hónapja
@MR_DOGGO PH ah I see your a man of culture as well
Jack would be cool Well if he was in Apex he would be the mage villain cuase you know Apex takes place on the IMC side and not in Militia side
Hombre Man
Hombre Man Hónapja
The demoman of team fortrees 2 will be proud
pridedmango Hónapja
Dear apex legends community, I have an idea for a new apex update where you can craft your heirloom melee weapons a skin with crafting materials or find from an apex pack for a heirloom you've unlocked. The rarities for the skins would be common, uncommon,rare,epic or legendary but if you have a better set of rarities use them. P.s love the game good job 😀 Kindest regards PridedMango934
@2:08 caustic liked that😂
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson Hónapja
Fuse and Forge looks pretty same the hair and hand and face looks pretty same
TazTunez Hónapja
Can this be a cartoon or a anime or animation of some sort or even movie I'm down for anything at this point 🤷
ユウヤ Hónapja
Here's a game where you can get banned just for typing "run away" in chat. From a Japanese speaker.
Pyrothemyro Hónapja
1:37 What the toilet at taco bell sees.
Alexandru Prevost
Alexandru Prevost Hónapja
Finisher idea: Fuse uses a thermite to light a cigar and then throws it at them or somethin
Igor Peranovic
Igor Peranovic Hónapja
Again BUG!!!
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