Apex Legends Holo-Day Bash 2020 Trailer

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Apex Legends

5 hónapja

The Winter Express returns in the Holo-Day Bash Event! Earn free items just for playing and shop new ice-cool cosmetics!x.ea.com/66476

Join the festivities in this year’s Holo-Day Bash! Battle it out against two other squads to control the Winter Express or be the last team standing. Get back in the fight faster with new respawn Hover Tanks. Plus complete challenges to earn free items and check out the new and returning holiday cosmetics in the store. This train’s leaving the station -- don’t get left in the cold!

Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Origin and Steam.
Learn more about Apex Legends Season 7 - Ascension: x.ea.com/65921

Check out our HUpost channel: x.ea.com/56710.
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Get Apex Legends merchandise at the Apex Shop: www.playapexshop.com.
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WolfOfMen Napja
Please buff crypto to have a passive where his drone can fly along side him. Make the highlighting, that the drone is able to do, more narrow sighted in this mode so it's not to overpowered but make it to where you don't have to throw his drone all the time.
The Cloaker
The Cloaker 8 napja
Yo apex! This year, add a penguin skin. Thanks homies 💖
the 18 napja
The best event we’ve had I miss her
Dusk 20 napja
all fun and games aside, where's mirages boat tho?
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 22 napja
cant wait for this year's christmas event
noobmaster69 26 napja
This was made in my birthday
Sam Egan
Sam Egan 27 napja
did someone find his boat?
Brandon Adams
Brandon Adams Hónapja
Hope they add the same skins next Christmas. Missed out on half of them because I didn't know they sold half one week and half the other.
naz sleepy
naz sleepy Hónapja
Respawn can you ban 2 cheater i have video on my channel
Hitler Monkey
Hitler Monkey Hónapja
I like monkey 🐒🦍🦧
russian pooch
russian pooch Hónapja
it was dash now it’s bash >:>
The Icon of Sin
The Icon of Sin 2 hónapja
How does apex always have the best music in their trailers?
José Mendes
José Mendes 2 hónapja
Daniel Manzo
Daniel Manzo 2 hónapja
They needed the boat to sell it for money for the train
BamboozleBTW 2 hónapja
Limited time glitches I found some bugs in this where I can create decoys of rampart and revenant and I could get inside the box on the train
Fatal Games
Fatal Games 3 hónapja
Literally I only play apex when this game mode comes out
Daniel Vargas
Daniel Vargas 3 hónapja
This game deserves a little bit more characters like Revenant. That's my opinion.
tambunan jaya88
tambunan jaya88 19 napja
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KEYLESS01 3 hónapja
Ummm where's my boat?!?!??
Vatroh 3 hónapja
fix foot step audio or we riot
Frost 3 hónapja
Fearze 3 hónapja
Buff loba
Fearze 3 hónapja
Buff loba
Nathaniel Owusu
Nathaniel Owusu 3 hónapja
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Nilo Defonte
Nilo Defonte 3 hónapja
B Tahquechi
B Tahquechi 3 hónapja
Dutch Van Der Linde
Dutch Van Der Linde 3 hónapja
Hey wait where is my boat?
Destinypeyo 3 hónapja
me perdí el evento porque mi control de ps4 se murió 😢
Squash3am 4 hónapja
Next gen upgrade
i dont know
i dont know 4 hónapja
Hi apex pls do guide how to play on pc with account ps4?
Dilenjah Studios 4
Dilenjah Studios 4 4 hónapja
1:26 he realize that now!?
FrankNBeans 4 hónapja
I wish I played this game before the event ughhhh now there is only 2 days left in it
Illuminat 4 hónapja
Happy new year everybody, we've made it to the end of the year
Always has been Y does it have a sir name
Always has been Y does it have a sir name 4 hónapja
Give me apex coins
Paco gamer
Paco gamer 4 hónapja
I'm the only one who would have liked a skin for revernat by krampus
Irma Linda
Irma Linda 4 hónapja
Hailey's Pond make a character but can the ultimate to stop tie for 5 Second
Foma Foma
Foma Foma 4 hónapja
Teamdeath match or Deathmatch How long will we wait for this game to have a deathmatch or a team deathmatch
Game on 100 gamer pro
Game on 100 gamer pro 4 hónapja
Lo jugue ora de unas partidas chavoa
Boubsy Sennin
Boubsy Sennin 4 hónapja
Développeurs roumains sans cerveau
Deekthefreak 4 hónapja
Ea no offense but If you brought back winter express why couldn’t you bring back shadow fall?
D. A
D. A 4 hónapja
The 2019 Holo-day event was better than this.
Deadsilver104 Borntoball
Deadsilver104 Borntoball 3 hónapja
Oh so you liked the last one that didn't have fast heals. 👌
Gizzywoo 4 hónapja
How was it
Radio demon!!!
Radio demon!!! 4 hónapja
Hey apex why can you trade a Heirloom for another one like the one I want please do that for all of us 😁
Some Bored Rabbit
Some Bored Rabbit 4 hónapja
Nani da Pug
Nani da Pug 4 hónapja
Don’t try to hide the fact that you guys released a trailer in China for the fight night event release the English version OR ELSE
Sbuda Forever
Sbuda Forever 4 hónapja
Everything is so laggy
nono974 FR
nono974 FR 4 hónapja
rampart out of 10
Thomas Gomez
Thomas Gomez 4 hónapja
I'm quiting this game today after playing since it launched on ps4. Achieved 2.5k damage badge in tiros just to find out the match wasn't counted in the game. I never want to feel that huge dissapointment again.. after grinding for 2 years and spending over $3k on this game I've had enough. Complete waste of time and money
Thomas Gomez
Thomas Gomez 4 hónapja
@Some Bored Rabbit thanks random nobody 🤷🏻‍♂️
Some Bored Rabbit
Some Bored Rabbit 4 hónapja
OK thanks for playing I guess we don't care tho
shithappens p
shithappens p 4 hónapja
Fix the packet loss problem pls
GamerSamX 4 hónapja
Can we please have skilled based matchmaking Like if u agree
かなあこ最高 4 hónapja
Vxrsz 4 hónapja
Plz add keyboard and mouse to console plzzzzzzzzz
Sub2Jairus 4 hónapja
Hey apex legends. I just wanted to say the can you bring back solo? Because my teamates always letting me down. Pls bring the event back.
Andres jimenez
Andres jimenez 4 hónapja
Hate the newest map.
Jordan Montaine
Jordan Montaine 4 hónapja
Is the Voidwalker-Skin going to come back sometime? I really like the Phasewalker-Skin, but not as much as Voidwalker so I would rather buy that one. I dont want to spend my money on the Phasewalker just to then buy Voidwalker when its comin‘ back. Anyone know if its gonna come back?
Depression 4 hónapja
Stand by for titan fall?
José Lara
José Lara 4 hónapja
Everyone knows that the new skin of revenant needs to be named krampus right?
Gasai Yuno
Gasai Yuno 4 hónapja
pure events recycled characters alike .all other games with royalties for the community and you guys are going to make fun by giving away a keychain .your servers are disgusting slow or offline
AceKing* 4 hónapja
Can you guys make apex legend Arabic translation in the game
Bob Davil
Bob Davil 4 hónapja
You guys should have 100M subs love the vids
Sam54 4 hónapja
Still piss about there no-recolor I waited a year
ThirdHurd 4 hónapja
If the honered prey R-301 skin ever came back apex I'm sure you would get a lot of sails because that skin is the best R-301 skin in the game
Luh Sousa
Luh Sousa 4 hónapja
why don’t you join titanfall 2 i Apex legends got it is very interesting
Igor Peranovic
Igor Peranovic 4 hónapja
Best MM ever... Just EA 👎
Scratched 9
Scratched 9 4 hónapja
We still having invalid tokens.
Jibril Basalamah
Jibril Basalamah 4 hónapja
im level 17 and im fighting lvl 500 players wtf
Alberto Probst
Alberto Probst 4 hónapja
I want Kings Canyon this Christmas
ryson 4 hónapja
I will get a pc soon so I’m very happy!!!😊
Losly Lale
Losly Lale 4 hónapja
This is game is boring as it is . After 3 months solid , waste of time and your money . 3 months = 1 character and 1 new weapon. That’s all they ever do for the entire time . Better games out there
Wheatley Plus
Wheatley Plus 4 hónapja
Nah, I like it.
Carl Kenzo Aratea
Carl Kenzo Aratea 4 hónapja
Can you make bangalore reload faster because she’s a soldier And make 3 to 4 smoke canisters instead of two?
broskiidiv 4 hónapja
Fuck your game I just won a game and no xp
The1stMagnum APTTMH
The1stMagnum APTTMH 4 hónapja
The next character after Blisk or whoever... A black man named Halo. Sound-based tank. *Fortified - takes 15% less damage, heavy rounds don't reduce speed *Passive - you can't hear his footsteps *Tactical - creates a wall of sound that stuns you, temporarily muffles your hearing if you pass thru it *Ultimate - creates a large concussion sphere that mutes all sound and triggers/disrupts all enemy deployables in range. How's that sound? And he has to have a deep voice, and give tough encouragement. Remember you heard it here first! Flip the meta upside down!
Mars Mars
Mars Mars 4 hónapja
Merry Christmas APEX ^_^
Fatih USLU
Fatih USLU 4 hónapja
Where are the fight night event!
Shinyo Hadoken
Shinyo Hadoken 4 hónapja
This Game is so boring now. The New Maps suck and in Crossplay are so many Playstation Leavers. Deinstalled it.
If you play on ps4 your honestly trash
Wheatley Plus
Wheatley Plus 4 hónapja
Reigns Gamer
Reigns Gamer 4 hónapja
apex probably need to put in their ass that revenant loba crypto and rampart need a fucking buff
visigot z
visigot z 4 hónapja
this is the game that takes 7 season with the audio bug ??? xDDD.
ACE O.P.S 4 hónapja
Bring back solos plz
ACE O.P.S 4 hónapja
Your fine👍
Zaid Jamal
Zaid Jamal 4 hónapja
@ACE O.P.S yhea sorry for being a bit harsh in the first comment I thought u were tryna be toxic
ACE O.P.S 4 hónapja
@Zaid Jamal thanks for the feedback I'm new to the games and I heard that they had solos for a while I'd just like to try it I love trios and dous just wanna try something new that's all friends is what makes the game fun😏😀
Zaid Jamal
Zaid Jamal 4 hónapja
Apexlegends is a team based game and solos would make some legends useless. If you have a problem, deal with it.
The Sadistic Teacher
The Sadistic Teacher 4 hónapja
Apex can you return the Extreme Measures octane skin i really miss it
The Sadistic Teacher
The Sadistic Teacher 4 hónapja
@Zaid Jamal whats your level. Mine is 178
Zaid Jamal
Zaid Jamal 4 hónapja
@The Sadistic Teacher yhea same but idk
The Sadistic Teacher
The Sadistic Teacher 4 hónapja
@Zaid Jamal but i want it back 🙁
Zaid Jamal
Zaid Jamal 4 hónapja
There not gonna read this they don't read comments y'know
Lized Monsalve
Lized Monsalve 4 hónapja
Yoo plz apex add cross save im planing on hetting apex on pc and im a apex pred plz add cross save i have wasted so much money plzzz
Zaid Jamal
Zaid Jamal 4 hónapja
There not gonna read your comment they don't read comments y'know
Tahira Ibrahim
Tahira Ibrahim 4 hónapja
Octane z
No game No life
No game No life 4 hónapja
Naber türk
Zaid Jamal
Zaid Jamal 4 hónapja
Octane z
Deniz Ozkan
Deniz Ozkan 4 hónapja
Plz make octanes back story
Zaid Jamal
Zaid Jamal 4 hónapja
Charles Mazzoleni
Charles Mazzoleni 4 hónapja
« Winter is coming »
Zaid Jamal
Zaid Jamal 4 hónapja
T REV 4 hónapja
Respawn can you make Titanfall 3 but go down a similar way to cod mw 2019/Cold war and how those games are linked to there br warzone. It would be great to see a Titanfall 3 and apex have a similar relationship to cod and warzone
T REV 4 hónapja
@Zaid Jamal Ik I can only hope 😔
Zaid Jamal
Zaid Jamal 4 hónapja
There not gonna read this, they don't read comments y'know.
TheOne Gamer
TheOne Gamer 4 hónapja
Can you make a platform where the players can vote the map for rank ? is really trash worlds edge in rank
Zaid Jamal
Zaid Jamal 4 hónapja
There not gonna read this, they don't read comments y'know.
kingravenYT 4 hónapja
EA there are hackers in FIFA 21 can you please fix it
kingravenYT 4 hónapja
@Zaid Jamal Waite wistie as in westies youtube channel
Zaid Jamal
Zaid Jamal 4 hónapja
@kingravenYT yw plus you should head over to EAs customer support wesite :)
kingravenYT 4 hónapja
@Zaid Jamal OK thank you I gess
Zaid Jamal
Zaid Jamal 4 hónapja
There not gonna read this, they don't read comments y'know.
Сергей Гудин
Сергей Гудин 4 hónapja
Разработчики, вы надоели банить за всякую хрень, вылетело штраф, ошибка штраф, сервер не отвечает штраф, игроки не соответствуют рейтингу штраф блять, сколько можно, куда кому писать!?
Dominick Petersen
Dominick Petersen 4 hónapja
They need to fix the train at the end I’ve died 131 times because I couldn’t climb it
Zaid Jamal
Zaid Jamal 4 hónapja
@Dominick Petersen oh damn
Dominick Petersen
Dominick Petersen 4 hónapja
@Zaid Jamal no I’m serious probably more but I started counting after it got annoying
Zaid Jamal
Zaid Jamal 4 hónapja
Trent Taylor
Trent Taylor 4 hónapja
Thanks for getting rid of the fucking Christmas skins when it isn't even Christmas yet ffs
DiamondHammer YT
DiamondHammer YT 4 hónapja
Can we please have Kong’s canyon back
Amir mohammad Mousavi
Amir mohammad Mousavi 4 hónapja
Titanfall 3
PureNeige 4 hónapja
I know lifeline got reworked in lost treasures, but she’s getting outclassed right now, so maybe let her have fast heal too
Pathfinder_skills1 4 hónapja
Can you guys please release a thing that you can sell skins like Legendary:300 Epic:100 Rare:50 Common:10
Gregory Longoria
Gregory Longoria 4 hónapja
When are you going to finally fix the same old issues in apex.
Janice Bjarnason
Janice Bjarnason 4 hónapja
You should also make it so the champion does not on the train
Janice Bjarnason
Janice Bjarnason 4 hónapja
Can you keep the map as Olympus please
Max Arcade
Max Arcade 4 hónapja
can you put the possibility that ps4 players can use the keyboard? To be able to play with mouse and keyboard I need a PC that can hold apex but I don't have money ☹
AiM Bot
AiM Bot 4 hónapja
Get some better server and optimize the game or you will lose more and more players
The Ant 45
The Ant 45 4 hónapja
I want the game to die already man, I’m tired of the same issues being downplayed and never fixed, and then on top of it they never release new content. It’s always recycled and boring.
Tate Nakashima
Tate Nakashima 4 hónapja
Damn you. Fix the mastiff
Not AnyOptions
Not AnyOptions 4 hónapja
I wish I was the next apex Legend if they made my profile picture
Gizzywoo 4 hónapja
Yeah as if
Dom The great
Dom The great 4 hónapja
Hey @apex just an idea, it would be great to get points for reviving team members while playing ranked matches. Like even if its 5 points a person and our limit is 2 respawns , it will give people more reason to go for the revive instead of just going all Rambo an pushing for rank , lastly we have mobile respawn becons so teams have no reason to just camp a respawn spot it will make it a little more interesting while grinding for points. Thank you for the great game though .
Seth Will
Seth Will 4 hónapja
Bring solo,s back plz
Happy MrLOLipop
Happy MrLOLipop 4 hónapja
Apex legends will never get old
Emy ru
Emy ru 4 hónapja
If they finally focus on cleaning the cheater Ban the IP 80% Apex player will dissapear in asia server
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian 4 hónapja
So my first crack at this game was on ps4 today. To me its fun asf. But what I hate about it is that when your dead your back at the main menu. I guess in a way that makes you better at shooting games to value that one life. But I'm so use to respawning in multi-player shooters. Its fun but way too short or am I missing something?
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