Apex Legends - Legacy Gameplay Trailer

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Apex Legends

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Apex Legends: Legacy brings a new form of competition, Arenas. Drop into a new action-packed 3v3 game mode. Sharpen your skills in new, bespoke maps like Party Crasher and Phase Runner. It’s just your squad and their squad, so hiding isn’t an option.
We’d wish you luck, but in Arenas, there isn’t any. This is a true test of skill.
Valkyrie, daughter of notorious Titan Pilot Viper, is also joining the Games. Take advantage of her jetpack to own the sky and rain missiles down on your foes. Master the new high-precision Bocek Bow to skewer your opponents and drop into an Olympus that’s been mysteriously transformed. Plus grab the latest Battle Pass and prove yourself in Ranked.
There’s nowhere to hide this season, Legends. Ready to find out if you’re predator or prey? Discover your true nature when Apex Legends: Legacy launches May 4!
Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.
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Pioterro_PL 6 órája
zjebane są te areny usuńcie to
Captain Critter
Captain Critter 11 órája
One little advice, when you play Arenas, play with friends because if you play with randoms (strangers) you are going to be with very toxic people, whom would go crazy when you lose (your team), my ears still hurt from some immature Hispanic guy, who literally went nuts and all I did was offer a suggestion.
Callmehalf _
Callmehalf _ 12 órája
Prolly the best game EA got..new update is lit a bit laggy but im sure yal will get that squared away keep up the good work . Tell EA TO GIVE US A BOXING GAME !!!!
Rich Rooster
Rich Rooster 16 órája
Might reinstall for that 3v3 idk
Softnumnums 17 órája
All lives matter
Kerchuball 21 órája
I keep losing in arenas
RadioactiveWolf 91
RadioactiveWolf 91 Napja
Valkyrie is Vipers daughter
Aleksandar Feher II3
Aleksandar Feher II3 Napja
hope the map updates are a dead space 4 teaser
WolfOfMen Napja
Please buff crypto to have a passive where his drone can fly along side him. Make the highlighting, that the drone is able to do, more narrow sighted in this mode so it's not to overpowered but make it to where you don't have to throw his drone all the time.
Armaguddin Napja
literally skywars mode in apex legends
maycon santos
maycon santos Napja
5:50 - Apex legends × Stranger things, Change my mind.
doliio volay
doliio volay Napja
All I can think about in this trailer is the octane skin😮😮😮
sajad sabermahani
sajad sabermahani Napja
woooooooow....! i'm in who else?????
13samfootball Napja
doliio volay
doliio volay Napja
Looking for the octane skin😟
13samfootball Napja
13samfootball Napja
Natalia Liera-Cruz
Natalia Liera-Cruz Napja
Whoever is playing those characters is so good
Natalia Liera-Cruz
Natalia Liera-Cruz Napja
I love the bow
Natalia Liera-Cruz
Natalia Liera-Cruz Napja
I can’t wait for update to finish on me ps4
Natalia Liera-Cruz
Natalia Liera-Cruz Napja
In season 10 can u add a 3rd person screen
D-Rifter Napja
4:13 NESSE
Just won my first 3v3 & it was sudden death! LOVE this mode, my new norm in apex for sure.
YRKA yRkAdUyS Napja
самый хуевый старт сезона за все время!!!!!!!!!!!!!
francisco raul muñoz serrano
francisco raul muñoz serrano 2 napja
servers are garbage
francisco raul muñoz serrano
francisco raul muñoz serrano 2 napja
Jay yeah man
Jay yeah man 2 napja
Hey wanna fix the bugs in season 9? Its only been out a day😂
Evolved Millenial
Evolved Millenial 2 napja
"True legends don't pick up Valk, they let others pick her..."
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 2 napja
"A new monument to incompetence" Ash to Mirage
eivom 2 napja
Arenas has elevated apex
Raghul G
Raghul G 2 napja
Looking for the octane skin😟
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 2 napja
So laggy
Soulless ✪
Soulless ✪ 2 napja
Looking for a squad to grind ranked. I have one but i need more for when they are gone, must have atleast GOLD or platinum in past seasons
Toni Collins
Toni Collins 2 napja
Too bad the servers are trash and we can't play! I played 8 games then the servers crashed again! What a joke 😂
RC 22
RC 22 2 napja
finally a new promising game that’s not br that genre hasn’t been good since fortnite.
hans sanjuanino
hans sanjuanino 2 napja
fix the problem with the profiles that I lose everything, please, I do not want to be disappointed in you ...
anthony gamer Moreno Balderrama
anthony gamer Moreno Balderrama 2 napja
Alex Legends si lee es este mensaje porfa no tengo nada de la temporada nueve me AN quitado todo me bloquearon todas las leyendas
Bum Bum
Bum Bum 2 napja
Hey apex, I know this is sudden, but you’re game is glitching out
OfficialKirbyFan68 2 napja
"Wheres my stuff?!" -Elliot Witt 2731
New Gen
New Gen 2 napja
Me as soon as I got
Dom Webster
Dom Webster 2 napja
It says game logic is not working?
Dom Webster
Dom Webster 2 napja
My Apex server is not working four season nine can you help
hakder gaming
hakder gaming 2 napja
this is giving me csgo vibes
unicorn gamerx
unicorn gamerx 2 napja
3v3 sound like titan fall 2 or call of duty
Shaolin master
Shaolin master 2 napja
Any word on the servers
mkelebra 2 napja
Вы выпустили новый сезон со старыми ошибками. Загружаешь больше часа в предвкушении. А в итоге "серверы не найдены". Отличная игра. Всем спасибо. Я очень расстроена, что не смогла поиграть.
elijah 2 napja
New legend new weapon what next for APEX legends
chema alias el chema
chema alias el chema 2 napja
Apex ya dejanos entrar
Vega Kids
Vega Kids 2 napja
So laggy
HalfDecent Studios
HalfDecent Studios 2 napja
Unrealistic. They forgot the waiting for an hour before you can start playing.
Zemist 11:11
Zemist 11:11 2 napja
AN hour? That's cute. Try over 3
Lssj8520 2 napja
When the servers are down😑
Harrison Young
Harrison Young 2 napja
This is why I love apex
BlissMan JR.
BlissMan JR. 2 napja
Random topic, but can we all just take the moment, to appreciate the fact, how little of a disadvantage you are unarmed in this game? 🌝
Костя Джабаров
Костя Джабаров 2 napja
Запустите пожожуста
Kodak Nakamats
Kodak Nakamats 2 napja
Can't even play a game after this update SMH.... RIP servers
Renato Gonzalez
Renato Gonzalez 2 napja
Hola Apex este que pasa con los servidores nadie puede entrar
Shaan B
Shaan B 2 napja
桜島ゼロ 3 napja
Yo apex if you see this you should just make this another game mode so people can play this and battle royale
Vikash Shahdeo
Vikash Shahdeo 3 napja
Waiting for Apex ledgend mobile ❤️
mmpj twod
mmpj twod 3 napja
"The APEX GAMES are where the champions are crowned, But the ARENA is where legends ARE MADE". bruh, this line was sickkkkkkkk
Kougat VT
Kougat VT 3 napja
Digvijay Singh
Digvijay Singh 3 napja
5:48 flood in apex ? Someone call master chief
mmpj twod
mmpj twod 3 napja
GAMERL 3 napja
its ashe in arena
Evan Mclave
Evan Mclave 3 napja
Does it count as wins?
Xero strife
Xero strife 3 napja
This is gonna be sick
Megapro_08 3 napja
N.C.M.N.G.T. = No Cool Music No Good Trailer
VebZ 3 napja
Jesus loves you
yeet no1
yeet no1 3 napja
the sky belongs to me now legends jack cooper and bt: now where have i heard this again?
Prof Gölge
Prof Gölge 3 napja
Noss Tasher
Noss Tasher 3 napja
Gotta love how the person stands still while 3 people are shooting them and i can't even use the robots rope without getting sniped from across the map
Demon Hunter
Demon Hunter 3 napja
What was that crypto skin it looked amazing
Noel Teodor Gaming
Noel Teodor Gaming 3 napja
World s edge is back?
shadi shehayeb
shadi shehayeb 3 napja
no respawn????
Sam Cooley
Sam Cooley 3 napja
This is fake news
Klynix YT
Klynix YT 3 napja
Eyy the new start modus is that alone a modus or the complet new game play ?
Вот бы апекс начал всё с начала...
sawyer mannino
sawyer mannino 3 napja
ラッキースター 3 napja
10 Hours of something Decima586liquid
10 Hours of something Decima586liquid 3 napja
Why Wraith looks so much like a hobbit?
Mikey Williams
Mikey Williams 3 napja
Jiovani Martinez
Jiovani Martinez 3 napja
The ship crashing with the routes coming out literally gives me the infestation from halo vibez😂
wex gaming
wex gaming 3 napja
How to get that octane skin
Dylan Warren
Dylan Warren 3 napja
Oh wow, flood. Lore says once they conquer their galaxy they will move on to the next... They moved on.
kingX777 3 napja
Looks fun. 2 years later for some innovative playlists lol
おれおれ 3 napja
Bilal Amjad
Bilal Amjad 3 napja
Once upon a time during season 1, people used to complain that this game had no content.
Galaxy -
Galaxy - 3 napja
All I can think about in this trailer is the octane skin😮😮😮
Josh Major
Josh Major 3 napja
For the first time in 6 months I actually wanna play Apex Lol finally!!!
Shadow_hack 3 napja
5:14 this bloodhound skin is new?
rf 123
rf 123 3 napja
It's one of the first recolors added to the game, it was added like 2 years ago
Daijah_ V
Daijah_ V 3 napja
🌝✨Ahhhh man get ready boys and girls it about to be a show ✨3v3 ahhh man better be ready war everyone about be streaming this 👀hope you guys been training
Doggo 3 napja
will there be custom games
Puppypaws Gacha
Puppypaws Gacha 4 napja
New mozam buff 4 bullets-6
Jerrell Lawrence
Jerrell Lawrence 4 napja
One more legend down since the leak, really hope Immortal isn't scrapped...
mikefire98 4 napja
Hcog ranger on mastiff: my goals are beyond your understanding.
Dazaiel 4 napja
I need the music at 4:05. Sheesh. That's nice.
Nordanway 4 napja
After 3 seasons out and tired of this game, these trailers made me want to go back to those good times playing this game, thanks Respawn
D-Rifter 2 napja
You where gone for 3 seasons! I WAS GONE FOR ONE!
AI RA 4 napja
MX123BROS 4 napja
Happy Guy
Happy Guy 4 napja
Antoine Stokes
Antoine Stokes 4 napja
Can we take a break on giving wraith new skins please
The Great BOI
The Great BOI 4 napja
4:13 is it being ripped out of your Titan then blasted
Ps1 Hagrid
Ps1 Hagrid 4 napja
2:24 dude does that R301 have a silencer!?
עידן ניסנוב
עידן ניסנוב 4 napja
Ash voice is so good
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