Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “Good as Gold”

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Apex Legends

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Some friends support your dreams, others have trouble letting go. Journey to Salvo and see if Fuse makes it to the Apex Games in one piece.

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Song: “Crash N Burn”
Performed by Don Dokken

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Nathaniel Green
Nathaniel Green 22 órája
Fuse is like your cool uncle.
WolfOfMen Napja
Please buff crypto to have a passive where his drone can fly along side him. Make the highlighting, that the drone is able to do, more narrow sighted in this mode so it's not to overpowered but make it to where you don't have to throw his drone all the time.
J D Napja
It’s sad to see how they drifted apart And how Maggie was so mad at Fuse She was fascinated with the salvo rebellion and she was so mad when it signed the treaty to join the syndicate space And Fuse joined the Apex games, actively supporting the treaty Too bad Maggie refused Fuse’s truce
Jakob Noll
Jakob Noll 3 napja
Fuse: *loses entire right arm* School nurse: *best I can do is an ice pack*
G.U.N 3 napja
No one: Literally no one: Maggie every 20 seconds: RAHHHHHHHHH
G.U.N 3 napja
Fuse: Literally loses an arm also Fuse: Throw it out 4 me pls
Bilguun Ulziibayar
Bilguun Ulziibayar 3 napja
Fuse is the definition of : Oh no, Anyways
Lozzy at yt
Lozzy at yt 4 napja
Well it’s 1day from s9
Foreskin thief
Foreskin thief 4 napja
Average day in Blacktown
Matheus Santana
Matheus Santana 4 napja
Waiting she be super saiyanjin
Matheus Santana
Matheus Santana 4 napja
Fuse heirloom will be a nade?
Mike M
Mike M 4 napja
The L3rNa3aN
The L3rNa3aN 5 napja
Sad how their friendship ended...
kp 6 napja
You know the funny part is he couldve had that stitched back
H MasterChaos
H MasterChaos 6 napja
I like how people are like “Fuse got a arm blown off and was like yeah so what,” did people forget about Octane?
GitGoodLol 7 napja
Glad she's dead, super annoying character
phinyx 3 napja
She's not dead
Jarrett Gafford
Jarrett Gafford 7 napja
90s montage music
Sterbi 8 napja
Billy butcher after all the superheroes die
Vinn Walker
Vinn Walker 9 napja
my lil brother being a dinosaur 2:35
GhostSider 10 napja
Bruh the guy that Fuse beat up in the bar looks like Nick Bruiser
フリーダムライアン 10 napja
Wings 99 Gamer
Wings 99 Gamer 11 napja
What’s with the grenade it’s confusing me
shuaib mohamed
shuaib mohamed 12 napja
The art style is if borderlands and telltale games had a kid
skater 12 napja
in reality, if you were to actually lose a limb it wouldn't actually hurt for a bit because of the adrenaline shock that's why how fuse lost his arm and felt no pain.
01 3
01 3 12 napja
B Scan
B Scan 12 napja
Still have no idea what point of all that was and why she was so mad
NBT Community
NBT Community Napja
She didn't want him to leave, she felt like Fuse betrayed her
RemnantOfThePast 12 napja
She blows off his arm and dispite insta regretting it (can see in her eyes before it goes boom) is still mad at him because he decided not to stick around after she threw a grenade at him... Typical woman.
FruitSnackBandit 13 napja
ok but why do they suddenly hate eachother
FruitSnackBandit 12 napja
@John Evans I see, thanks
John Evans
John Evans 13 napja
Because fuse Joined the apex games which was sponsored the syndicate and his home planet salvo had just joined them and his friend Maggie who was a warlord wanted salvo to remain out of outsiders hands and so she saw him as a traitor after he joined the games.
SunsetBurst 8605
SunsetBurst 8605 13 napja
Anyone else realize that Maggie doesn't know how to properly fire a machine gun
Gunar Gundarson
Gunar Gundarson 13 napja
Blown up her brother's arm and she's the one who mad? Women....
Leikeize 14 napja
3:25 Fuse *MÆGS* mægs: *ŒÆUEGGG*
thewarpotato Ofc
thewarpotato Ofc 14 napja
Maggie: So anyways I started blasting the crowd
some random gaming and stuff
some random gaming and stuff 15 napja
oh jesus f**kin christ
Wendolyn Saurio
Wendolyn Saurio 15 napja
Their relationship is kinda confusing
Gaston Farias
Gaston Farias 15 napja
se lo podian a ver cocido lol
Gaston Farias
Gaston Farias 15 napja
Gaston Farias
Gaston Farias 15 napja
046 he look a viper
tiger708 15 napja
Fuse be like: this but a scratch
CM1YoungGun 15 napja
One pure australium grenade
*Agent Dark*
*Agent Dark* 15 napja
You hear that at this part? 0:46 It's a wild goose
Purge Trooper 51
Purge Trooper 51 15 napja
he honestly looks like apex lazarbeam
Braden Baughman
Braden Baughman 16 napja
Me gets small paper cut: “AHHHHHHH” Fuse gets arm blown off: Tis but a scratch
Tommy BRO
Tommy BRO 16 napja
I randomly thought about this but I think they managed to replace Forge since Fuse got a robotic arm...
Pac Lenny
Pac Lenny 16 napja
HUpost before and After.
Mythical Twinkie
Mythical Twinkie 16 napja
Still find it amusing that fuse already has his cybernetic arm in the posters
Verus Infirmum
Verus Infirmum 16 napja
The definition of a Toxic Relationship.
Beep Deep
Beep Deep 17 napja
Doctor: we must stop bleeding quickly Apex:
Oscar Portillo
Oscar Portillo 17 napja
So are they friends or not?
The Sluggish Channel
The Sluggish Channel 18 napja
maggie may be the next legend
Tofu 18 napja
discount.elonmusk 13 napja
BCC games
BCC games 19 napja
Deutsche Untertitel aber alles auf englisch 👏🏻
アカルキノ 21 napja
This is sad. Did Matt Maggie and Wally get along well? However, Matt Maggie was furious because Salvo was no longer a secluded nation, and Wally was pleased because the seclusion was lifted and he was able to participate in Apex. I'm sorry for both of them, though nothing is wrong ... Is the explosion of the gold grenade that has been competing so far a metaphor for the end of the friendship between the two?
Xorby 23 napja
Looks like a standard Friday night in Australia
just treeboi
just treeboi 25 napja
Maggie is that one friend that takes it too far
Genrija 25 napja
wish i could have been a man like fuse... :c
Sonic YT
Sonic YT 25 napja
How did he loose his eye
RuralOsprey 26 napja
Mans really said “tis but a scratch”
Jesus Vera
Jesus Vera 26 napja
fuse: survives an explosion and loses his right arm. the crazy meth chewing machine: and i took that personally.
Zowarch 27 napja
Ok now why does Maggie hate Fuse suddenly?
HyperWatch 8 napja
She feels like he betrayed her and Salvo by joining Apex games, which is sponsored by the syndicate. Salvo joined Syndicate space and is no longer independent
Who dat2788
Who dat2788 28 napja
Bet if he got a paler cut he should fuking cry those things hury
Roberto Mejía Lopez
Roberto Mejía Lopez 28 napja
El mejor trailer de temporada
Luciano_CrabbedWand77_ Di Natale
Luciano_CrabbedWand77_ Di Natale 29 napja
I founded this disturbing, i don't know i feel sad :(
Grunga Gaming
Grunga Gaming Hónapja
How much string did they go through, because they ripped the grenade from each other alot
Goofy Goober
Goofy Goober Hónapja
I don't get why she is so mad like she did to herself
Seph Tesco Robinson
Seph Tesco Robinson Hónapja
Maggie sucks. A terrible selfish friend and a terrible annoying announcer
Blockboy Hónapja
*Fuse literally getting his arm blown off!* Fuse: "tis' but a scratch."
Bana Noid!
Bana Noid! Hónapja
Cant beat a battle of ego
Oro Midason
Oro Midason Hónapja
I just realised thats mad maggie
Hayden Malloy
Hayden Malloy Hónapja
Anybody see a reference at the start of the video because I did and it was a meme reference
jasonn Hónapja
Tis’ but a scratch
Seif Walid
Seif Walid Hónapja
Ra haaaa
Seif Walid
Seif Walid Hónapja
His sister is like 😤😠🤬🤤🤮🤧💢☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️💩💩💩💩💩
sir DRIPHOUND the third
sir DRIPHOUND the third Hónapja
"cough" "cough" Friend/girlfriend
Mr .X
Mr .X Hónapja
Me vs my old friend
Chase Tiongco
Chase Tiongco Hónapja
Pls buff revenant
the pizza reare
the pizza reare Hónapja
Fuse:gets arm blown of Also fuse:tis but a scratch
A scratch your arm's off
monkey.D luffy
monkey.D luffy Hónapja
No matter how many times I see this I only think of shanks
Noah Medders
Noah Medders Hónapja
Ngl. that grenade probably wouldn't have even exploded seeing how old it is.
Dr. Edison The raccoon
Dr. Edison The raccoon Hónapja
Fuse gets arm blown off : Tis but a scratch!
Zuriel Mason
Zuriel Mason Hónapja
I don’t get it what’s happening?
S Anne
S Anne 4 napja
Not that hard to understand
JUST brigg
JUST brigg Hónapja
So if anyone what’s some lore behind this:so basically when they were kids at the start they were probably being kids and wondering around a old crappy place and they find a dead body with a gold frag then they grab it took off with it later they are like teens already sneaking into places there not supposed to be in so they make a truce and help each other each time they have the gold frag then at the end when fuse says he gonna get in the apex games she got very mad because she needs him for like fighting or whatever so she takes the pin off then when it went off she grabs fuses arm still cares about him and when fuse said something she looked bit shook still alive even tho he lost an arm so he still goes to the apex games and she gets hella pissed and she yells /:. The end sorry for bad grammar):
MemphysFox Hónapja
That grenade took 22 seconds to go off.
Tofuna 15 napja
Nope. Grenades (at least most of them) don’t go off right when you pull the pin. There is a second trigger that Maggie was holding down and when she threw it at Fuse and released the trigger the real countdown started.
yusra hassan
yusra hassan Hónapja
i just cant stop playing apex which is the best
yusra hassan
yusra hassan Hónapja
apex is the best game in the world
totally not soul
totally not soul Hónapja
fuse just didn't give a crap about him literally loses his WHOLE ARM
shawn soto
shawn soto Hónapja
where question does all this come from question
Just some guy finding thumbnails
Just some guy finding thumbnails Hónapja
Fuse when he lost his arm be like: Tis bust a scratch
Lucid Dreams༄
Lucid Dreams༄ Hónapja
This girl loves to scream.
Bowen LaValley
Bowen LaValley Hónapja
Those grunts in the one part were like who da fuq is dis
Jay Hónapja
Wait so how did Maggie end up being that AI in the cutscene? Did she like die or something and her consciousness went into a simulacrum like Revenant and Ash?
HyperWatch 8 napja
What AI are you talking about?
Halo916 Hónapja
Although I love the trailer, and the detail of the grenade being in the background of his poster, is nobody going to talk about how first of all, they cut off the arm in the poster just so people wouldn’t see he loses an arm, and they kept the same art of him without his arm. (You can tell by three connection between the shoulder and the chest)
Kyle Johnny
Kyle Johnny Hónapja
Fuse is such a fucken gangsta. Lore wise his one of my favourite legends already. Also would be sick to get a map on Salvo one day
CoasterHorizons Hónapja
Fuse: *loses arm* also Fuse: "oh no! anyway"
Ufukhan Canbolat
Ufukhan Canbolat Hónapja
back on salvo we don't need arms at all
Ufukhan Canbolat
Ufukhan Canbolat Hónapja
The Grenado Tornado
Xander Hónapja
anyone wanna fill me in on what the nade symbolizes, if fuse and mags hate each other or if they're friends and why she's so salty for no reason in every scene
Blake Hum3r
Blake Hum3r Hónapja
They had an explosive friendship. On a more...I guess analytical level? It looks like just growing resentment from Mags towards Fuse due to the success he had, eventually culminating in her realization that Fuse was leaving her, and her having some anger issues over that.
Orij Hónapja
Quite convenient his arm was perfectly cut off
Dead Pool
Dead Pool Hónapja
It was cool
Dead Pool
Dead Pool Hónapja
Boneless Chicken
Boneless Chicken Hónapja
Im *pretty* sure that that grenade didnt explode in five seconds
Tofuna 15 napja
Nope. Grenades (at least most of them) don’t go off right when you pull the pin. There is a second trigger that Maggie was holding down and when she threw it at Fuse and released the trigger the real countdown started.
marcu5th3w3rid o
marcu5th3w3rid o Hónapja
fuse blew off his fuckin arm and didnt give a shit
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