Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands - “Fight Night”

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Apex Legends

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Whatever Pathfinder was built for, it wasn’t waiting tables. Go on a dangerous search for answers with your favorite MRVN. But pick your fights carefully - not everyone makes it twelve rounds.

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DeadPerson 34
DeadPerson 34 5 órája
Bro i cried
Flowey The flower
Flowey The flower 6 órája
2:19 revenant scene.
Glichtastic Gamer
Glichtastic Gamer 13 órája
Titanfall should be a movie before apex is
cap dewa
cap dewa 13 órája
I love sfx come out
Gankslicks 14 órája
I really want an apex legends TV show
cathy kitcher
cathy kitcher 17 órája
If pathinder gets hacked then he could be reprogrammed to an advertisement bot
WolfOfMen 23 órája
Please buff crypto to have a passive where his drone can fly along side him. Make the highlighting, that the drone is able to do, more narrow sighted in this mode so it's not to overpowered but make it to where you don't have to throw his drone all the time.
Go 2:19 and put on slow mo and you can see Revenant
Kashmira Makwana
Kashmira Makwana Napja
Wait, after this, pathfinder must have lost the memories, and was just thought to be non functional, and woke up in the facility.
0815 Gameplayz
0815 Gameplayz Napja
Haha Pathfinder is so cute
Caleb Brackin
Caleb Brackin Napja
Is it just me or does the main bad guy sound like Dempsey from COD Black ops zombies
Noel Jericho Del Rosario
Noel Jericho Del Rosario 2 napja
First time seeing a MRVN win a fight against a BRD-01 Spectre
MadDany 2 napja
This gives me the same vibes as that one Samurai Jack episode of that robot gangster. God that was sad...
mynameisalfie 2 napja
That guy needs to be playable or return somehow! He needs to know that Path is alive.
Blarnix 2 napja
Everybody gangsta till the roomba becomes a boxer
DeadlyHornet667 3 napja
I love pathfinder so much
Blue Gameing
Blue Gameing 3 napja
Pathfinder movie ????
RWG324 3 napja
5:42 we need this as a line
Spice Dice
Spice Dice 3 napja
Oh no friend
Sarah Holly
Sarah Holly 3 napja
Pathfinder,wholesome death robo boi till the end
ITSRook84 3 napja
Bruh he punched tank Dempsey
Bizzy 3 napja
I love this city's cyberpunk aesthetic
C.jecht 3 napja
Pathfinder is the most wholesome character with one of the most depressing backstorys
Orest Pellumbi
Orest Pellumbi 3 napja
3:01 is that brimstones va from valorant
C T 3 napja
pretty sure the mob guy the cop hit is the brimstone VA from valorant
Jay Marfil
Jay Marfil 3 napja
This feels like Pathfinder having the same fate like Chappie in the movie Chappie.
Foreskin thief
Foreskin thief 4 napja
That one guy sounded like tank dempsey
Kyle Ortiz
Kyle Ortiz 4 napja
I really hope we get to see that detective in the future. Either in like the seasonal comic or maybe a legend who knows, he seems really cool
UnHumane 4 napja
I like how one of his memories is him piloting a ship to verify he was actually a pilot
Rip Cayde 6
Rip Cayde 6 4 napja
Only the boys can really relate to fight night
Red Haired Rando
Red Haired Rando 5 napja
Fun fact in this one path watched loba's parents die, And on season 9 path knocked loba.
Vincent Fontaine
Vincent Fontaine 5 napja
i am guessing he is a human conscious or something
wings 5 napja
Fight night I thought first night
Warren Misek
Warren Misek 5 napja
pause at exactly 4:10 for a baked image, the screen inverts colors for a millisecond or two.
Ichiro Yanagui
Ichiro Yanagui 5 napja
Malta rebember me mombasa from halo 3 odst
レヴナント【殺人ロボ】 6 napja
2:20 It's me
politech 政治テクノロジー
politech 政治テクノロジー 6 napja
Surely I can’t be the only person who wants to see this guy as a legend?
XxSoulessWolfzxX 6 napja
i thought he was gonna join the games after fuse tbh
Alexander Mendieta
Alexander Mendieta 6 napja
Bro if the ex military guy just watched one game of apex he would know Path is still alive, and even 'nox'
mynameisalfie 2 napja
David Yanovich
David Yanovich 6 napja
I think what the great purpose of Pathfinder was to show a human being turned into a machine (since the only robots we’ve seen show emotions are Path and Revenant, who was a human made into a machine). Path just was never discovered and Hammond took over the project (or maybe Wattson’s grandmother worked for Hammond?)
ThxShxdow 6 napja
Pathfinders the best
Alex Yearwood
Alex Yearwood 7 napja
Pathfinder so unlucky
Ethan •_•
Ethan •_• 7 napja
Pathfinder is so cute “BAM”
Danger 7 napja
Can't believe I'm actually intimidated by Spectres Feel's wrong
Maxence Napja
There was no pilot around this time
Matthew Larson
Matthew Larson 7 napja
Still makes me cry. I just love Pathfinder so much :'(
Kira The Cat
Kira The Cat 7 napja
The oh good security oh no security is bomb
Hatchet _09
Hatchet _09 7 napja
The best stories from the outlands by far
Primo767 7 napja
bro i get chills when pathfinder says "Just you and me friend! :)" *literally grapples from explosion*
three mooseqateers
three mooseqateers 7 napja
i love the 70's feel of this it's so good
ttv_XxFalconxX 8 napja
I like paths laugh here 5:25
Archie 4 Sure
Archie 4 Sure 8 napja
“Excuse me friend I think I’m about to discover my purpose”
Tᗴᗩᖇ ᖴᑌᒪ231ᑭᒪᑌTO
Tᗴᗩᖇ ᖴᑌᒪ231ᑭᒪᑌTO 3 napja
Almost gets yeeted
Skippz 8 napja
ight lets see, if that drop didnt go in to him he prob never wouldve revived *Big Brain* 7:27
Skippz 5 napja
@Kuzan Aokiji tf does that mean
Kuzan Aokiji
Kuzan Aokiji 5 napja
The Dingle Bat
The Dingle Bat 8 napja
This literally could be a movie
Natalia Gonzalez
Natalia Gonzalez 8 napja
Lol pathfinder got to be the best
Mr. KidYT
Mr. KidYT 8 napja
Dude low key I feel bad for pathfinder back then. People were so mean to him. And he is just trying to help.
Saul Cruz
Saul Cruz 8 napja
Pls make maldera a charecter AND make him reunite with Pathfinder mrvn
vxDokii 7 napja
DarkM 8 napja
Sad Pathfinder
💣10mrbomber🚀 9 napja
Wow i started tearing up a litl..
I love this game ❤️😭
馬耳東風 9 napja
Pritom Saha
Pritom Saha 9 napja
me at 2am watching it again and my my eyes automatically getting watered again!
💣10mrbomber🚀 9 napja
Lol fr
Foxarific 9 napja
Who else wants to see their reunion at some point?
Kevin Liu
Kevin Liu 10 napja
Poor pathfinder:(
sands manahl
sands manahl 10 napja
Fablion Last name
Fablion Last name 10 napja
pethfinder's adorable
Lu 10 napja
Literally no one talks abt the specters punches lining up with the apex jingle
Ракообразный 10 napja
Может лучше сериалы по апексу пилить чем игру ломать? И так уже онлайн весь ушел
BlueGamer 10 napja
Pathfinder is too sweet for Apex, he’s too innocent, he’s too friendly to be a killer I think he’s just blissfully ignorant to how bad violence can be, and so he just views everything as a game or joke
Pumpkaboii 10 napja
So happy to hear Steve Blum's voice in this!
Joe Rauth
Joe Rauth 10 napja
apex needs to drop a campaign it would be so good
フリーダムライアン 10 napja
MrBlinky 10 napja
I need more pathfinder lore 😂
Toonz Blazer
Toonz Blazer 10 napja
yeaaa im a comment God
Tᗴᗩᖇ ᖴᑌᒪ231ᑭᒪᑌTO
Tᗴᗩᖇ ᖴᑌᒪ231ᑭᒪᑌTO 11 napja
Path: well, luckily lightn- Also path: YOU JUST HAD TO JINX US
arif _raziq
arif _raziq 11 napja
I wanna say i really hate apex legend because they make all story in a cliffhanger when will pathfinder know hes purpose when will horizon get bact to her son 😔
Tᗴᗩᖇ ᖴᑌᒪ231ᑭᒪᑌTO
Tᗴᗩᖇ ᖴᑌᒪ231ᑭᒪᑌTO 11 napja
Why in earth because they wont give us lore? The reason they do this is for us to figure it out. Just because of this, You dont need to hate
† ҜΔMΣLTΩ RΣMIX † 11 napja
Felicity Fox
Felicity Fox 11 napja
God i want Spector skin on Pathfinder
Kisuke323 11 napja
I like how cheerful Pathfinder is. Also his awesome grapple.
Killerz :3
Killerz :3 11 napja
this gives me shadows of evil vibes ngl
Luis R. Ferrer
Luis R. Ferrer 12 napja
I wanna be pathfinder friend so bad so we can hang out and get to know each other
#GAIN GAIN# 12 napja
This made me love him even more. TT
Aidan Cahill
Aidan Cahill 12 napja
This is still the best stories from the outlands though northstar is also really good. The lore us soooo goood
The Boost
The Boost 12 napja
this universe has a too deep lore for an battle royale and a 2-4 hour long shooting game.
Madic Gaming
Madic Gaming 13 napja
3:03 did i heard brimstone?
Lil_alienboi_69 13 napja
Dempsey is mad
Moist Man
Moist Man 13 napja
The skin would have been fifty gazillion times better if they just actually took off his back zipline and gave him the actual trench coat and graple gun with a seperate animation all they had to do was use the same body animation and just give him the actaul zip gun in his hand and the real trench would have been clean af i dont think anything would have actaully topped it
Shamkraffl 13 napja
6:15 Spiderman: My back.. ugh my back!
Angie Fierce & Becca Fierce Too
Angie Fierce & Becca Fierce Too 14 napja
Apex i swear so good.
1제타 14 napja
4:28 titanfall 1 specters
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez 14 napja
3:03 dat Tank Dempsey ?
Kaidin King
Kaidin King 14 napja
Pathy witnesses every major crime in the last decade lol
Un Don Nadie
Un Don Nadie 15 napja
5:40 O L Y M P U S
DeathStryker 13 napja
DA NUGGET 15 napja
Apex movie I want one
Caffeinated 24 7
Caffeinated 24 7 15 napja
Where is titanfall 3?
Baskara Fahlevy
Baskara Fahlevy 15 napja
I think maldera will enter the apex games, don't know when, but i'm pretty sure he will be
Advanced Poison
Advanced Poison 13 napja
This trailer is 3 months old you know this right?
BIGTuna 15 napja
Ok they need a apex movie
sonicspeed0j3 tornio
sonicspeed0j3 tornio 15 napja
The guy who says "they got off with the Marvin stop them" sounds like Tank Dempsey
Muqeet Awan
Muqeet Awan 6 napja
He is, he's Steve Blum. He also voiced many other Iconic roles like Wolverine and Heatblast from Ben 10.
DBL Dee 15 napja
I swear that mafia dude is Steve Blum, right?
Robert Thorburn
Robert Thorburn 15 napja
This is my favourite one by far.
10XP 16 napja
Best story from the outladnds
HIM 16 napja
3:04 okay Steve Blum
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